7 importance of airport advertising

Posted by admin | 31/01/2020

Unlike any other environment, airport is a bustling place, where many high-income customers visit. This is a great opportunity for businesses to connect to customers and become a top-of-mind brand when consumers make purchasing decision. And these 7 reasons will help businesses understand the importance of airport advertising to their products.

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1. Attract high-income customers with minimum cost

Most customers come to the airport for traveling, business, and some prefer to travel by plane.

According to the outdoor media center (OMC), 73% of passengers said they always shopped at the airport and 86% of the participants bought goods in the waiting room. Among them, there are many customers who are better off and they consider shopping is a part of travel experience. Therefore, they are willing to spend a lot of money at the airport on duty-free or luxurious products. It can be seen that airport advertising will help your brand engage with these luxury customers and boost sales

billboards at attractive airports

billboards at attractive airports

2. Embedding in customers’ subconscious, conveying the messages effectively

The airport is a completely different environment from the consumers’ everyday lives. The average waiting time for a passenger at the airport is 2.5 hours – higher than at the train station, subway station and bus stop.

Passengers are in the mood for upcoming trips, thus, they are ready to receive content from brand advertisements. As a result, businesses will have higher possibility to succeed in brand positioning. Combined with a pleasant customer experience, your brand will always be the first choice in the consumer’s purchase journey.

Billboard for Vitto brand

Airport advertising is indispensable for many enterprises

3. Increasing brand awareness and brand positioning

Vivid advertisements and appealing messages play a vital role in attracting attention, creating connection and influencing the viewers even after they have left. Thanks to the excitement from the trip, the brand and advertising products will be remembered for a long time.

Through such advertisements, the brand awareness will be increased. Needless to say, it will be easier to create strong brand positioning, especially for luxury brands.

billboard for Vitto brand

billboard for Vitto brand

4. Great support for other types advertising of marketing campaign

Airport advertising is like an entertainment program during the time customers waiting for flights. Therefore, airport advertisements have opened up a great opportunity for customers to access to the product through many other types of advertising.

Advertising content will easily be repeated in customers’ mind when they accidentally see ads in other advertising channels such as TV commercials, facebook ads, google ads …

Therefore, it is a very good support for other types of advertising that businesses simultaneously deploy in advertising campaigns to help imprint the brand in the customers’ mind.

advertising at the airport combined with other forms of advertising to help improve brand coverage

advertising at the airport combined with other forms of advertising to help improve brand coverage

5. Positioning the brand premium, building customer trust

In many customers’ subconscious, airport is associated with luxury. Therefore, airport advertising will enhance the brand impression and brand prestige in terms of the product quality.

According to research by Lux Redux, JCDecaux UK 2017, 71% of first class airlines expect reputable brands advertised at the airport. By airport advertising, your brand and products will be embedded in the minds of customers as a high-class and reliable brand.

The importance of airport advertising is to help lift the brand awareness of the business

The importance of airport advertising is to help lift the brand awareness of the business

6. Accessing to decision makers in business

Airport is a frequent destination for businessman. According to OMC statistics, 69% of airport passengers anticipate to see business advertisements. Products and brand advertisements at the airport, therefore, will increase the probability for businesses to getting great investment and cooperation from those of concern.

importance of airport advertising

importance of airport advertising

7. Emphasis on the excitement of traveling, which make it easier to create brand associations

Airport advertising seems to be receptive for tourists, which accounts for the majority of airport passengers. Because of the unfamiliar environment and the excitement before the trip, passengers often focus on the ads with the hope for a more interesting travel experience.

As a result, businesses are likely to build long-term brand associations. Also, they can broadcast longer ads that still can attract customers’ attention.

Airport advertising is easy for users to receive

Airport advertising is easy for users to receive

The above diverse benefits have proven the importance of airport advertising with the brand promotion and development. For assistance and advice on airport advertising, please contact Goldsun Aviation Advertising Center:

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