Digital Out Of Home in Vietnam – New Potential Markets

Posted by admin | 17/03/2020

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) in Vietnam is a advertising using outdoor digital screens to show ads in a more vivid, vibrant and eye-catching way. The brand will quickly attract the attention of customers and mark their mind.

1. Potential Digital Out of home in Vietnam

In 2015, outdoor digital advertising accounted for 31% and surpassed traditional advertising revenue by 2020. PwC also predicts that the growth of DOOH ads will remain at 15% for the next 4 years.

A survey was conducted in the UK showed that DOOH was viewed twice as much and caused 2.5 times more impact than outdoor advertisements in the static form.

According to Nielsen survey in 2015, 75% of customers were reminded of DOOH advertising, of which 82% were interested in this type of advertising.

DOOH’s tremendous growth has been having a strong impact on Vietnamese advertisers. Many big brands have applied this form of advertising and received positive feedback such as Milo, CocaCola Viet Nam, OMO Matic, Ba Na Hill …

DOOH advertising has grown strongly in major countries

DOOH advertising has grown strongly in major countries

2. Top 3 DOOH advertising

Based on the characteristics of the advertising screen, it is possible to divide the outdoor digital screen advertising into 3 forms as follows:

Screen typeTechnical dataAdvantages
Video wall screenScreen size: Customized according to customer requirements and installation location.

Lacing edge size: Ranges from 0.1 – 5.3 mm.

– Broadcast continuously 24/7

– Create a modern, youthful and fresh feeling

– Video content transmission helps customers access to better information

Touch screen– Multi-touch: Adapt 10 points on the screen at the same time

– Integrating with supporting software: Windows, Android

– the faster the information processing speed

– Cost savings

– Aluminum corner frame, scratch-resistant, anti-collision strength helps the advertising screen is best protected

Led screen Module– Image quality: Full HD, 4K

– Screen size: Customized according to customer requirements

– Connected devices: Camera, computer

– Screen life: 100,000h

– Brightness:  1000/ 1200/ 1600/ 1800/ 6500 cd/m2

– Unlimited size

– Display the best ad both indoor space and outdoor space

3. DOOH advertising budget

DOOH advertising budget is calculated based on the number of slots, display time, advertisement board placement and advertising time of the year.

If you place your ad in the central building of Hanoi capital, surely the advertising cost will be higher than other places that few people visit. However, the brand will be more popular, because it has attracted the attention of most sports fans when going through that building.

So, you need to consider when to advertise and upload appropriate videos and images to make the product more popular.

Digital Out Of Home of VietNam Airline

Digital Out Of Home of VietNam Airline

4. Does Digital Out Of Home need permission from authorities?

DOOH in large sheets are located in busy traffic areas, so it will affect the landscape of the environment and people in traffic, the installation of digital billboards needs to be licensed.

Simple and more effective that you should find a professional advertising rental unit so that all stages are properly and as required. Prestigious units with strong resources will ensure the best warranty and support.

5. Reputable advertising leasing company in Vietnam

Goldsun Media Group is the company that has successfully built many Digital Out Of Home advertising campaigns with major partners both at home and abroad.

Goldsun Media Group, established in 1994, is one of top company advertising and media industry in Vietnam.

In 25 years of development, Goldsun currently owns the largest outdoor billboard system in Vietnam.

Goldsun holds many strategic positions in major roads, centers and cities, along with a team of more than 300 experienced employees will be a smart choice for a perfect DOOH advertising campaign.

Goldsun Media Group has successfully deployed many DOOH advertising campaigns in Vietnam

You can contact Goldsun immediately for advice on your advertising campaign via:

6. Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Advertising Trends in 2020

  • Smarter use of data

The choice of DOOH advertising means using smarter and more modern devices. This has been proved by actual figures such as:

    • In Birmingham and Manchester, The Loop of Signature Outdoor has provided 22 digital locations equipped with facial recognition technology and links with integrated Wi-Fi for mobile phones.
    • In Paris, 100 newsstands have been upgraded with DOOH touch screen advertising aims to provide self-service services such as ticketing events, equipped with charging devices.

Digital advertising can make a city smarter and help advertisers get the most out of the customer data it has.

  • Personalize users to increase experience to a higher level
    • Outdoor digital advertising can personalize content and gadgets to provide customers with the best experience
    • Advertising experts said that the explosion of technology development in the future could help identify the emotions of customers, thereby bringing appropriate advertising content.
Personalization is the DOOH advertising trend in 2020

Personalization is the DOOH advertising trend in 2020

  • Automation, sophisticated behavioral planning

Along with the incredible growth of digital advertising, all collected data can be integrated and automated to identify necessary changes.

The customer behavior data is aggregated and layered with detailed information about the location to make the targeting campaign more relevant. Businesses can accurately measure results and track customers’ buying behavior.

Digital Out Of Home in Vietnam is a more effective way to bring our products and services to customers. If you need more advice about this advertising form, you can contact Goldsun consulting department via Hotline:0904 646 699

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