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Digital Out of Home - Latest outdoor advertising trends 2020

Digital Out of Home – New trend in 2020

Posted by admin | 16/03/2020

(PQ Media) in 2019, Digital Out of Home will account for 28.3% of all outdoor advertising and will increase to 38.3% by 2023. DOOH become a form of marketing that brings outstanding results both in terms of brand and sales.

1. What is Digital Out of Home?

Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) is an outdoor billboard that displays digital images. Ads are constantly changing by computers that convey information about products, services, ads and interact with users, creating emotions and interesting experiences.

DOOH can appear anywhere, including:

  • Shopping malls and retail stores
  • Cinema
  • Medical waiting room
  • Airports, railway stations, and bus shelters
  • The big roads
  • Square
Where there are consumers, there is DOOH

Where there are consumers, there is DOOH

2. 5 examples of outdoor digital billboards

To create an impression of a breakthrough and powerful new product line, Volvo Car Thailand has advertised with billboards that use clay-absorbing materials. Advertising has a correlation between the power of nature and the power of new technology. This video is constantly updated on Volvo Car’s Fanpage and attracts interaction very effectively.

impression outdoor digital billboard

Impression outdoor digital billboard

Watch the promotional video here:

Without images, M & M’s used videos very lively, eye-catching, describing the candies. The ad is placed near the address of the store, consumers buy immediately without going too far.

Watch the promotional video on digital Out-Of-Home advertising here:

‘Look At Me’ – Women’s Aid interactive billboard campaign

Applying facial recognition technology, passersby look at the recorded ad. When more people pay attention, the signs of violence will “heal”. The campaign “LOOK AT ME” has brought a very meaningful message: “Do not turn a blind eye” and “If you can see domestic violence, we can stop it.”

'Look At Me' - Women's Aid interactive billboard campaign

‘Look At Me’ – Women’s Aid interactive billboard campaign

This advertising campaign has won more than 20 awards: 

  • Gold Lion – Outdoor, Silver Lion – Cyber, Shortlisted – Grand Prix For Good (Cannes)
  • Silver – Out of Home (CLIOs)
  • Nomination – Charity (Campaign BIG)

Watch the promotional video here:

Integrating Open Loop ad technology platform and real-time data analysis from Google Traffic API, McDonald’s billboards have made commuters feel more comfortable with the message “Stuck in a jam? There’s a light at the end of the tunnel”.

This is a form of digital Out of home advertising is very creative and beneficial for viewers:

Billboards have the ability to "improvise"

Billboards have the ability to “improvise”


The advertisement on Times Square is a giant digital screen, made up of 1760 LED screens. The small screens can be moved independently and synchronized to create impressive advertising images.

The world's first 3D motion billboard of Coca Cola

The world’s first 3D motion billboard of Coca Cola

Watch the promotional video here:


3. Why outdoor digital advertising is important?

  • Positive user reception: DOOH advertising use digital technology, which is able to interact with the viewer, bring the experience and feel to reality. Users actively view ads and receive them in a more positive state.
  • Increase brand awareness, brand conversion rate: Curiosity with ads stimulates consumers to switch to new brands. Outdoor billboards can reach every consumer.
  • More accurate data and measurements: Digital platforms can measure ad performance through display position, play time, number of customers in that position … Managers can analyze and devise appropriate strategies.
  • Increase the creativity of the campaign: DOOH Ads can be applied in parallel with other modern technologies such as touch, …
  • Advertising is easy to manage and change content because it is controlled by a computer.
  • Digital Out of home help to quickly install and dismantle, easy to move.

4.Types of popular outdoor digital advertising

4.1. Video Wall

Large-sized screens combine from many small screen sizes in a 2×2 ratio; 2 × 3 … for sharp and realistic images.

  • Size
size of advertising screen

Size of advertising screen

  • Installation location

Video Wall can be diversified into many spaces and marketing strategies. Lobby of commercial centers, squares, galleries, information areas at airports, railway stations, … are the places to welcome hundreds of thousands, millions of consumers – a prime location for ads appears.

Video wall displays unlimited ads

Video wall displays unlimited ads

4.2. Touchscreen

Touch screens allow customers to immediately interact with products or services to experience firsthand and feel. The size is usually not too large, customers can monitor and interact directly.

  • Size
size of touch screen advertising

Size of touch screen advertising

  • Installation location: Touch screens are usually located right in the store.

4.3. Led display module

The screen is made up of LEDs and control circuit. Host controller for buffering digital video communication signals. Screen size is not fixed, can be flexibly changed based on user needs.

The monitor can be used indoors and outdoors (attaches to walls of large buildings, hung up in public places such as railway stations, airports, etc.)

Led display module

Led display module

5. Digital out of home advertising costs

According to statistics, outdoor advertising costs less than advertising on television and magazine advertising. Enterprises can balance budgets suitable for each time and product.

The cost of outdoor advertising depends on these factors:

  • Ad placement: The more people you visit, the higher the cost of renting ads.
  • Time of the year: Advertising costs increase when it coincides with the Lunar New Year, New Year holidays, festival time (Christmas day, February 14 …)
  • Number of slots: Cost = number of billboards x production cost and one billboard
  • Ad display time: short time ads will have higher price.
Large, vibrant advertising images on video wall screens

Large, vibrant advertising images on video wall screens

6. Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Advertising Trends in 2020

In the coming time, DOOH advertising continues to be the advertising trend chosen by brands to promote your products.

  • Use data smarter. Application of new technologies combined with AI to collect and bring more accurate data, in time with the user’s trend.
  • Personalize users to increase experience to a higher level. Reach users through ads in a natural way.
  • Future campaigns using image recognition will be the trend. With the rapid development of computers and deep learning algorithms, DOOH advertising can connect to the environment and goals in real time.
  • Automation, sophisticated behavioral planning to increase advertising effectiveness.

Digital Out of Home with outstanding advantages and advantages promises to help you have successful advertising campaigns. For advice, support on this form of advertising in Vietnam, please contact Goldsun Media via:


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